i-Park: East Haddam, Connecticut


Parallel Migrations VII Migrations are always about survival and physical survival is usually foremost in our minds. For both Monarch butterflies and migrant workers who follow similar pathways back and forth across borders, migration is a perilous journey. However for people, emotional and spiritual survival demands, at times, even more courage. For many artists, migration or moving into new environments is often crucial to artistic survival.

In this, my most surreal variation of Parallel Migrations, the site selection was critical; an island of trees in the midst of a meadow. Here, the printed butterflies still function as a metaphor for migration but together with the lights and found objects create more narrative references in the magic realist tradition..

And finally, by placing the installation further out in the forest, you, the viewer are also making a literal and metaphoric journey.

Created at i-park in East Haddam, CT. in October of 2007 this variation of Parallel Migrations is the first to include sound and light.

VIDEO Parallel Migrations: Dream Sequence: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6F1kXafDEk