Anne Dushanko Dobek will be presenting Artist in the Rainforest at the Museum of Contemporary Arts in Virginia Beach on August 15th at 6:00PM.

2200 Parks Ave, Virginia Beach, VA 23451 Phone (757) 425-0000 RSVP

Artist in the Rainforest is  a visual (powerpoint) presentation by Anne Dushanko Dobek  documenting her work with scientists in the rainforests of Costa Rica. A naturalist as well as artist with a lifelong interest in entomology (the study of insects)  Anne shares her experiences assisting Dr. Lee Dyer  and his team with his caterpillar research. At the La Selva Biological Research Station. Catching, cataloguing (weight, height, length) as well as feeding the dozens of caterpillars were all part of the teams daily tasks. 

We  get an overview of the beauty, diversity  and complexity of the neotropical rainforests thru the artist’s lens as she shares with us her  numerous photographs and drawings. Whether it is a tree sloth, giant  butterfly, or the agouti crossing the trail enroute to breakfast the daily life of the scientists and the forest is a stunning  revelation.

Support for her work was provided by Earthwatch and the Geraldine R Dodge Foundation.

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