Field Fire

Collectively titled SILENT VOICES, the 'Parallel Migrations' series which includes 'Field Fire”, “No Olvidado' and “Perilous Journeys” focuses on social/political issues relevant to immigration and migration.

Field Fire specifically references the deaths of workers trapped in fields during a (supposed) controlled burn. The wood sculptures are representations (with painted and printed commentary) of the crosses placed in remote locations where migrants have been found dead. The motivation as well as commentary on some of the sculptures is taken from the actual newspaper stories documenting these tragic events (Lynn Brezosky Associated Press Raymondville Texas Mar.25 2003).

These transient installations are created in challenging outdoor locations demanding photographic documentation before they are destroyed or eliminated by natural forces. The precarious and transient nature of the installations parallels the perilous journeys of both migrants and butterflies and mirror in part the sites of the original events.

Field Fire V ( rain) 0996 copy.jpg